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Liar Mask – Mayama Rika (TV.Size)

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Liar Mask
Performed by: Rika Mayama
Lyrics/Composed by: Tomo., Otsuka Takeki

Description: Akame ga Kill 2nd Opening Theme


Kuchihateru you ni moyuru tsuki
Akatsuki ni shizumiyuku

Tsukurareta kao de sotto chikadzuite
Shinjiru mono wo yami ni otosu

Ito ni karamaru emono no you ni
Tada hitasura ni sora wo aogu

Kurikaesareru higeki bukimi ni warau ura no kao
Kore ijou nani hitotsu nakusanai you ni katana wo nuku

Yami ni houmure yogoreta egao
Yariba no nai ikari, hanate!
Dore dake no chi to namida wo nagashitara…
Inoru you ni kirisaite
Kyou mo akaku someage yo!


The moon, burning as if rotting away,
Slowly sinks into the dawn.

Softly drawing closer with a mask that was made for me,
I toss my beliefs into the darkness[1].

Like a prey tangled up in a web,
I simply look up to the sky.

A repeated tragedy; a hidden personality laughing ominously –
In order to not lose anything more, I’ll draw my sword!

Bury your corrupted smile in the darkness;
Release your anger, which has no outlets!
Just how much more blood and tears must be shed, until…
Cut through as if offering a prayer,
As today, too, you stain it all in red!



造られた仮面(かお)で そっと近付いて
信じるモノを 闇に落とす

糸に絡まる エモノのように
ただ ひたすらに 空を仰ぐ

繰り返される悲劇 不気味に笑う裏の顔
これ以上 何ひとつ 失くさないように刀を抜く

闇に葬れ 汚れた笑顔

[1] – This line has a second interpretation, depending on whether the モノ presented in Katakana,
is in fact 物[referring to ‘thing(s)’] or 者[reffering to human beings/people].
Second interpretation: “I toss/throw/drop believers into the darkness…”


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