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Galileo Galilei – Aoi Shiori (TV. Size)

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Aoi Shiori

English title: Blue Bookmark
Japanese title: 青い栞

Performed by: Galileo Galilei
Lyrics/Composed by: Ozaki Yuuki
Arranged by: Galileo Galilei

Description: AnoHana Opening Theme


Nan PEEJI mo tsuiyashite tsudzurareta bokura no kibun
Doushite ka ichigyou no kuuhaku wo umerarenai

Oshibana no shiori hasande kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha
Wasurekake no renga wo tsumiageta basho ni yukou

Umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte kowai kurai ni aoi sora to
Migite ni SAIDAA hidarite wa zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru

Souyatte “ima” wa boku no hou e toitsumeru koto mo nakute
Mada futari wa sugusoko ni iru no ni “douka mata aemasuyou ni” nante
Douka shiteru mitai


Our feelings have been written across countless pages,
But for some reason, I can’t seem to be able to fill in this one line of blank space.

Placing in a pressed flower bookmark, I roll an abandoned bicycle with you;
Let’s head over to the place where we piled up the bricks we’d nearly forgotten all about.

Rushing up a hill that looks out over the sea, there’s a frighteningly blue sky,
And a cider in my right hand – all the while my left hand restlessly searches for you.

And like that, the present comes on my way, without asking any questions.
Even though here we are, still standing right next to each other, for me to find myself wishing, “May we meet again…”
There must be something wrong with me…


何ページもついやして 綴られた僕らの気分
どうしてか一行の 空白を埋められない

押し花の栞はさんで 君と転がす使い捨ての自転車
忘れかけの煉瓦を 積み上げた場所にゆこう

海を見渡す坂をかけのぼって こわいくらいに青い空と
右手にサイダー 左手はずっと君をさがしている

そうやって“今”は僕の方へ 問いつめることもなくて
まだ二人はすぐそこにいるのに 「どうかまた会えますように」なんて


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