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BUMP OF CHICKEN – Hello,world! (TV.Size)

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Performed by: BUMP OF CHICKEN
Lyrics/Composed by: Motoo Fujiwara

Description: Kekkai Sensen Opening Theme


Tobira hirakeba nejireta hiru no yoru
Kinou douyatte kaetta karada dake ga tashika
Ohayou kore kara mata maigo no tsudzuki
Minareta shiranai keshiki no naka de

Mou dame tte omotte kara wari to nandaka yareteiru
Shi ni kiranai kurai ni joubu nanka chotto hazukashii
Yarubeki koto wa wasureteite mo wakaru
Sou shinai to totemo kurushii kara

Kao wo agete kuroi me no hito
Kimi ga mita kara hikari wa umareta

Eranda iro de nutta sekai ni kakomarete
Erabenai kizu no imi wa doko darou
Gojibun dake ga HIIROO sekai no mannaka de
Owaru made dezuppari SUTEEJI no ue
Doushiyou karappo no furi mo dekinai

HAROO doumo boku wa koko


When I open the door, it’s a twisted night during noon-time.
How did I get home yesterday? My body is the only thing I’m sure of.
Mornin’! I’ll continue being lost again, from here on out,
Amidst an unfamilliar scenery I’d grown so used of seeing.

I’m somehow unexpectedly capable, since the moment I tell myself all is lost;
Well, at least enough to keep myself from dying – it’s kind of embarrassing…
I can tell exactly what it is I have to do, even if I happen to forget it,
Because it’d be extremely painful, otherwise.

Raise your head, you with the black eyes.
It was because you saw it, that the light was born!

Surrounded by a world I painted in colors of my choosing,
Where can I find the meaning of the wounds I can’t choose to have?
I’m under the impression that I’m the only hero,
Constantly standing on top of the stage in the center of the world until it’s all over.
What can I do? I can’t even pretend I’m empty inside.

Hello, hey there, I’m right here.


扉開けば 捻れた昼の夜
昨日どうやって帰った 体だけが確か
おはよう これからまた迷子の続き
見慣れた知らない 景色の中で

もう駄目って思ってから わりと何だかやれている
死にきらないくらいに丈夫 何かちょっと恥ずかしい
やるべきことは 忘れていても解る
そうしないと とても苦しいから

顔を上げて 黒い目の人
君が見たから 光は生まれた

選んだ色で塗った 世界に囲まれて
ご自分だけがヒーロー 世界の真ん中で
終わるまで出突っ張り ステージの上
どうしよう 空っぽのふりも出来ない

ハロー どうも 僕はここ


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