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Linked Horizon – Kimi wa Boku no Kibou [Vocalized Version]

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Boku wa Kimi no Kibou

English title: You’re My Hope [Vocalized Version]
Japanese title: 君は僕の希望 [Vocalized Version]

Performed by: Linked Horizon
Lyrics/Composed by: Revo


Nidoto aenakute mo dokoka ni kimi wa iru
Boku tachi wa wasurenai darou—-

Kimi no kanashimi no sono hanbun wa boku no kanashimi
Futari de wakeaeba hora… Itami nado hanbun sa
Nee… Dakara… Nakanaide…

Boku no yorokobi no kono hanbun wa kimi no yorokobi
Futari de wakeaeba hora… Shiawase mo nibai sa
Nee… Dakara… Waratte…

Kimi wa boku no kibou sa donna toki demo
Kimi wo mamoru tame ni boku wa tatakau yo!

Kimi ga ushinatta sono taisetsu na hito no omoide
Afurete kanashii ima wo kako ga okashite mo nao
Kimi wo… Semenaide…

Boku ga ushinatta ano taisetsu na hito no omokage
Kasanete fumihazushite mo te wo nobashite kureta koto
Kimi wo… Hokotte…

Kimi wa boku no kibou sa yami no soko demo
Kimi no shimei no imi wo boku wa shinjiru yo!

Daichi ni ookina ana ga aita
Boku no kokoro ni mo kienai ana ga aita
Yami wa sekai wo nomikonda kedo
Kimi to iu hikari made wa nomikomenakatta
Kimi no ayunda michi ga minna no hikari ni naru
Boku wa sou kakushin shiteirunda

—-Dakara… Shinjite!

Boku wa kimi no kibou sa tayorinakute mo
Kimi ga shinjite kureru nara boku wa makenai to kimi ni chikau yo!


Even if we can never see each other again, you’re out there, somewhere.
So, surely, we won’t forget—-

That half of your sadness, is my sadness.
When we share it between the two of us, see… all of the pain is split in half.
Hey… so… don’t cry…

This half of my joy, is your joy.
When we share it between the two of us, see… the happiness is doubled.
Hey… so… smile…

You’re my hope! Always, no matter what,
I will fight in order to keep you safe!

Even if the memories of that precious person [friend] you lost start overflowing,
And past illusions were to invade your sorrowful reality – even so!
Please… don’t blame yourself…

Even when images of that precious person [younger brother] I lost piled up,
And I’d stumbled off my path, you reached your hand out to me;
Take pride… in yourself…

You’re my hope! Even in the depths of the darkness,
I’ll believe in the meaning of your mission.

A large hole opened up in the ground. A hole there’s no sealing off opened up in my heart, too.
The whole world was swallowed by the darkness, but it wasn’t able to do the same to the light known as you.
Each path you walk down, becomes everyone’s ray of hope — I’m sure of it.

—-So… believe!

I’m your hope! I may be unreliable,
But as long as you have your faith in me, I vow to you: I won’t lose!


二度と逢えなくても 何処かにキミはいる

君の悲しみの その半分は僕の悲しみ
二人で分け合えば ほら… 痛みなど半分さ
ねえ… だから… 泣かないで…

僕の喜びの この半分は君の喜び
二人で分け合えば ほら… 幸せも二倍さ
ねえ… だから… 笑って…

君は僕の希望さ どんな時でも
君を守る為に 僕は戦うよ!

君が喪(うしな)った その大切な友達(ひと)の想い出
溢れて 哀しい現実(いま)を 幻想(かこ)が侵しても尚
自分(きみ)を… 責めないで…

僕が喪(うしな)った あの大切な弟(ひと)の面影
重ねて 踏み外しても 手を伸ばしてくれた事
自分(きみ)を… 誇って

君は僕の希望さ 闇の底でも
君の使命の意味を 僕は信じるよ!

大地に大きな穴が開いた 僕の心にも消えない穴が開いた
闇は世界を呑み込んだけど 君という光までは呑み込めなかった
君の歩んだ道が皆の希望(ひかり)になる 僕はそう確信しているんだ

―だから… 信じて!

僕は君の希望さ 頼りなくても
君が信じてくれるなら 僕は負けないと 君に誓うよ!


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  1. Oh my God, I love you! Been searching for the translation for a time now… Thanks!

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