Well, it's basically just me posting some Anime/J-Pop song translations/transliterations, on my free time.

MY FIRST STORY – Hana -0714-

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Japanese title: 「花」 -0714-
English title: “Flower” -0714-

Performed by: MY FIRST STORY
Lyrics/Composed by: MY FIRST STORY


Umarete hajimete konna kimochi ni natta…
Kimi ni yatto meguriaeta!!

Nani hitotsu torie mo mochiawasetenai kedo
Nee, onegai… tonari ni ite yo!!

Shichigatsu juuyokka ni kimi to issho ni naru to kimeta!!
Datte magire mo naku tada kimi wo aishiteru…

Hyakunen saki mo zutto kimi wo mitetai no!!
Kimi wa boku no subete sasageta hito dakara!!
Waratte naite te wo tori nagara saigo made…

Kimi wa mou isshoubun no ai wo kureta ne
Tsugi wa boku ga kimi ni ageru yo…

Taishita kotoba mo anmari ienai kedo
Sono kawari ni “hana” wo okuru yo!

Shichigatsu juugonichi ni aratamete kidzukasareta!
Yappa eranda michi wa koko de yokattanda…

Kimi wo aishiteru yo!!!

Boku ga nokori no toki wo kakete
Kitto kimi wo shiawase ni suru kara!!!
Nani mo shite agerarenai konna boku to
Issho ni ite kurete arigatou!
Chikai no yubiwa, kimi wa uketotte kuremasuka…?


This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this…
I’ve finally come across you!!

I don’t have any talents to speak of,
But, please, I beg of you… stay by my side!!

On the 14th of July, I’ve decided to be with you!!
For I simply hold unwavering love for you…

I wanna keep looking at you; be it for the next 100 years, or everything to come after that!!
You’re the one I’ve devoted my all to, after all!!!
Laughing… crying… going hand in hand to the very end…

You’ve already given me a lifetime worth of love.
Now it’s my turn…

I’m not exactly great with words,
But instead, I’ll send you this “flower” of mine!

On the 15th of July, I’ve come to a realization all over again:
I made the right choice choosing you as my path to take…

I love you!!!

During my remaining time alive
I’ll be sure to make you happy!!
I couldn’t do anything for you, yet you never left my side –
Thank you!
Will you accept this promise ring…?


生まれて初めて こんな気持ちになった…

何一つ取り柄も 持ち合わせてないけど

7月14日に 君と一緒になると決めた!!
だって紛れもなく ただ 君を愛してる…

100年先もずっと 君を見ていたいの!!
君は僕の 全て捧げた人だから!!
笑って 泣いて 手をとりながら最後まで…

次は僕が 君にあげるよ…

大した言葉も あんまり言えないけど
その代わりに「花」 を贈るよ!

7月15日に 改めて気付かされた!
やっば 選んだ道は君(ここ)で 良かったんだ…


僕が 残りの人生(とき)をかけて
何もしてあげられない こんな僕と


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